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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Faye G. Belardi Memorial Gallery in Felton, will be open from March 19, 2021 (see below for details). The Grace Episcopal Gallery and Musuem offices in Boulder Creek will remain closed.


The San Lorenzo Valley Museum has partnered with the Ken Norris Center for Natural History at UC Santa Cruz to produce an exhibition about the diverse and changing faces of naturalists in Santa Cruz County.

This exhibition is open for in-person visits by reservation only on Thursday and Saturday from 1-4 PM, and open without reservations on Fridays 4-7 PM and Sundays 1-4PM. Capacity is limited to 6 people. Reserve a 30-minute slot for your pod on Thursdays and Saturdays HERE.

The Look-Act-Inspire exhibition features the contributions of notable past and present naturalists, as well as envisioning the future naturalists of Santa Cruz County. A major display is devoted to the enormous contributions the late Fred McPherson made to our understanding and conservation of the San Lorenzo Valley watershed.

The exhibition also highlights contributions from Randall Morgan, Ken Moore, and many other contemporary naturalists who are currently managing and restoring landscapes, educating the public and younger generations, and advocating for conservation of the natural areas and species in our county. One display highlights the diverse young naturalists being trained at the Norris Center for Natural History.

You can visit the online exhibition by clicking HERE.

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Gadgets & Gizmos

This online exhibition celebrates the ingenuity of the people of the Santa Cruz Mountains through the patents they filed or the patented machinery they built here.

The in-person exhibition will open in the Grace Episcopal Gallery when Santa Cruz County moves into the orange tier.

Each gadget was once a new invention. This exhibition explores gadgets of the past used and in some cases invented or hand-made here in the San Lorenzo Valley.

Please join us for a socially distanced event on the weekend of Earth Day 2021.

We will meet at the San Lorenzo Valley Museum, Faye G. Belardi Memorial Gallery, in Felton on April 25 at 1pm, to learn more about the nature around the Gallery and how to build your own iNaturalist profile.

We will have a short introduction on nature journaling and using iNaturalist, an application for recording and identifying species, on your mobile device.

We will then set out to make observations to document the natural history. Please bring your mobile device or nature journal to this event.

Cost free, donations welcome. All attendees 2+ years old must wear a face mask.
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